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Discover social leadership

Discover is a four-week online introduction to social leadership. It's an opportunity to gain clear insight into who you are as a leader, where your strengths lie and where (and how) you might devote your growth and development.

Based on the Six Capabilities of Social Leadership and Clore Social's development framework, Discover builds off of the core elements of our sector-leading development programmes. 

Not just for those new to leadership, we've carefully designed the programme to be valuable to social leaders regardless of experience and field of work.

time to reflect and grow

All you need to complete Discover is 4-5 hours a week over four weeks. The programme is designed to fit around and complement your day-day work. 

Self-reflection is central to Discover. We'll nudge and provoke you to think critically about your own leadership and aspirations but it's your brain that will do the heavy lifting. 

Peer networks facilitate social change. On Discover, you'll have the chance to learn from and engage with a wider cohort of social leaders and change-makers. 



The Discover Programme is structured into four weeks, each of which focuses on a core component of social leadership. Each week is split into three


The week starts on a Monday. The first third of the week consists of reading, listening, watching and reflecting. You'll have access to a thematic overview of the week, and be expected to work your way through 3-4 pieces of curated content. 


On Monday, you'll also be given a 'do' task to complete by Thursday. This complements the content you will be making your way through. The 'do' task is an exercise that we've picked out from our core programme and adapted especially for Discover. 


On Thursday, the end of week reflective writing task goes live. You have till Sunday to consolidate your weeks learning into a response to a writing prompt. 

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A four-week online programme that builds on our sector-leading leadership development programmes. 

  • A flexible way to begin your leadership development, with the opportunity identify your areas of strength and development.
  • Weekly exercises adapted from our programmes to help you focus your development. 
  • Approximately 12 hours of curated leadership content including podcasts, videos, blogs and long-reads.
  • Three webinars with your cohort and the course facilitator. (All between 1230-130 PM GMT) 
Discover - April Cohort (Sold Out)

The April cohort of Discover will run from 23 April to 22 May.

Webinar Dates (all 12:30-1:30 GMT): 

26 April, 10 May, 22 May

Discover - June Cohort

The June cohort of Discover will run from 4 June to 3 July

Webinar Dates (all 12:30-1:30 GMT): 

7 June, 21 June, 3 July

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Discover was developed on CAST's FUSE programme. Here's what some of our previous participants had to say:

I’m much clearer on the assets I carry around with me as a leader.”
It was an opportunity to develop vision and a narrative around my leadership”
I loved it - it gave me a blueprint of skills that had become dormant or forgotten or lost in me.”
“The process was really rewarding in terms of pinning down ideas about how my leadership could be strengthened and developed.”