Week 1

Know Yourself, Be Yourself,
Look After Yourself



Welcome to Week 1 of the Discover Programme!

This week is based on the foundational elements of our work at Clore Social and is all about developing a clearer understanding of your leadership style. It is focused on the personal qualities that social leaders have and how they’re demonstrated. Effective social leaders are self-aware about who they are, who they can be, and the things that they may need to further develop. Having an understanding of yourself as a leader, or "knowing yourself" will allow you to be comfortable in yourself, and help you identify the ways in which you need to look after yourself. 

The Six Capabilities

Over the next four weeks we're going to be referring regularly to the Six Capabilities of Social Leadership, a framework that we've developed through working with hundreds of social leaders. 



The Six Capabilities gives an overview of what we believe the key leadership capabilities required to be a successful social leader. 

Depending upon where you are in your leadership journey and the context in which you work, your fluency and ability to perform each capability may differ. But all of these capabilities are required for successful social leadership. 

Leadership is a continuous life-long journey and as such, every one of these capabilities can be developed and enhanced with continued personal and professional development. In the document below, you'll find a deeper dive into the six capabilities. You'll need to have a general understanding of them for this week's tasks so have a read through.

Hear Clore Social Fellow and Social Policy and Diversity Manager at the GLA, Julia Slay, talk about knowing yourself, being yourself and looking after yourself.

Start your thinking

Last week we asked you to fill out a self-assessment based on the six capabilities of social leadership. If you haven't done that yet, please do so now.

 This week, take 20-25 minutes to go over your answers and note down the areas where you rated yourself strongly and those where you didn't. Think about why you scored yourself the way you did.  


Knowing yourself is a quality in itself and it can be developed. Here are some insights from others. You might like to use these as prompts for your own thinking.


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