WEek two

Understanding your why is a fundamental piece in the puzzle of developing as a leader. This week, you should have developed your personal why and uploaded it to the Slack channel. We now want you to take this one step further and look at your own why in the context of your organisation. For those of you who are freelancers or consultants, we want to know about your social cause and the broader context in which you operate in. 

What we want to highlight is that as a leader, your personal "why" can be instrumental in shaping that of your organisation or sub-sector. 

A strong response will touch on the following: 

  • Your organisation or social cause's how, what and why, referring to the broader system's in play. 
  • Your own person why, and how the context that you operate in shapes you as a leader. 
    • Think about your organisation's or social cause's why, and your own why - what is the interaction between the two? Are they complementary? 
  • And any ambitions that you have, as a leader, to influence the broader  "why, how and what".