Week 3

Working with
and through others


In week one, you assessed and evaluated your own leadership, in week two you stepped back, asked yourself "why?" and looked at the broader context you operate in.

This week is all about looking at the area in between yourself, your organisation and the bigger picture: your team. We'll challenge you to think about how you lead and work with others to achieve your social mission and your "why", with a particular focus on team development and effective teams. 

Understanding how you work with and through others is fundamental to social leadership, as none of us exist or succeed in isolation. Working with and through others involves collaborating, forming partnerships, as well as inspiring and growing other leaders, all while making a positive social impact. 

Effective leaders:

  • Inspire, motivate, empower and enable others
  • Respect and embrace diversity, and celebrate difference
  • Grow leaders, and build teams
  • Collaborate, form partnerships, and negotiate
  • Are effective and strategic influencers
  • Deliver outcomes
  • Hold others to account, both support and challenge

Hear 2015 Clore Fellow, Julia Slay talk about working with and through others.

Start your thinking

Draw your missing person! This week's activities are centred around the 'missing person' principle: 

"Imagine you had a colleague who was off today. Which is a shame, because if they had been present, your team would have been exceptional, highly functioning and would have achieved all you set out to achieve."



Working with and through others is one of the joys of leadership. It’s also one of the largest challenges. See what wisdom you can glean from these resources. 


Scott Keller and Mary Meaney

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Margaret Heffernan

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Heidi K. Gardner

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Long Read

Judith Stein

The Stages of Team Development


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