WEek Three

We hope you enjoyed sketching out your missing person! 

This week's writing task is all about beginning to convert your drawing's into an understanding of the way that you and your teams (if applicable) operate. What we want to get you thinking about is the practical actions that you're going to draw out of the last two, almost three, weeks. 

A strong answer to this prompt touches on:

  • You, or your team's, missing person, and a brief overview of that person's characteristics.
  • Any additional thoughts you had while going through the missing person exercise. 
  • Thinking about your team, or your operation, the relevance of the additional reading (Judith Stein, Tuckman's model) to how you understand the way that you operate. The language around forming, norming and storming can be really useful. 
  • What areas for development you've identified, and if possible, any next steps.