Week 4

Your Development Needs




Welcome to the final week of the Discover programme! We hope that the last three weeks have provided you with the opportunity to reflect, learn and really get to grips with yourself as a leader. 

This week, for your final task, you're going to think about what's next and converting the time you've committed to Discover into action. Central to this is our Leadership Development Canvas, a simple but incredibly useful tool that we use on all of our programmes. 


Hear 2015 Clore Fellow, Gary Buxton, talk about developing as a leader.

Start your thinking

This week, we want you to work through boxes 1-8 of the Leadership Development Canvas. This is a tool that we use across all of our programmes and is a really quick way of mapping out next steps. 


Here are some insights from others. You might like to use these as prompts for your own thinking.


Ron Carucci

Make strategic thinking part of your job



Roselinde Torres

What it takes to be a great leader


Carolyn Quinn

Follow the Leader


Your last task! We'll get in touch when this is live.